Write my employee essayTaking care of one’s family is a life routine for many people. As we mature, we get little children and elderly parents who require our time and attention every now and then. Sometimes, they fall ill, and we need to contribute even more of our precious time to the loved ones. But we cannot allow ourselves to abandon our workplace because a family care brings a huge bill. That is why we often have to choose between work and family life if it requires more than cooking a dinner.
Luckily, many people can freelance today or run their own business. But the majority is still tied to a 9-to-5 work schedule with two days off per week and a couple of weeks for vacations. This time is not always enough if we have other people to take care of. If one of them falls ill, we have to be constantly here to nurse them. We may require a week to cope with the seasonal cold; an employer can give us a sickness leave for that. But if we take care of a disabled parent, we have to work from home. For many, it means changing the occupation and losing a part of their regular profit.
A healthcare insurance can provide a temporary sickness leave, but it will not help in case of a serious health condition or disability. In such case, employees shall negotiate the prospect of working from home or going freelance. Sometimes, people need to independently manage their schedule and they shall have a chance to do so.